European Adhesives & Sealants

“Adesivi e Sigillanti – European Adhesives & Sealants” was created to deal with a sector that is somewhat neglected in terms of editorial and technical meetings by the Italian industry. The magazine will totally focus on the formulation, production and techniques of application of adhesives and sealants for the different sectors of use.

The magazine will be published 3 times a year in 2024 and will address all issues relating to the sector.

The main topics that the magazine will cover during the year with technical articles and news from the industry will be the raw materials for the formulation such as:
– additives – resins – polymers – polyols – specialties – chemical products – plasticizers – fillers – pigments – solvents – finished products – manufacturing – application plants and tools – laboratory tests – bio materials – 
recycled materials – hybrids – European regulations

which push the companies to find increasingly sustainable alternatives for the adhesives and sealants production processes.

The magazine will be printed in  5,100 copies for Europe distributed to the technicians of the sector. Furthermore, the magazine will be sent in digital version to 55,000 professionals of the industry.

Readership: – Suppliers of raw materials and specialties – Manufacturers of adhesives and sealants – Technicians and consultants – Applicators, others

Download the Media Kit 2024