Innovative antimicrobial technology kills microorganisms

Dr. Marie-Lena Harwardt, Martin Danz, Oliver – Heraeus Precious metals 

Microorganisms can pose a significant health threat as well as seriously harm the economy. Every year, approximately 11 million people die from sepsis, which corresponds to around one in five deaths worldwide. Sepsis can occur as a result of the body´s reaction to an infection. These risks can be reduced by antimicrobial technologies in various areas, such as medical devices, public transport and buildings, water filtration, and other applications.
However, microorganisms not only affect the health of humans and animals, but they also cause enormous economic damage every year due to biocorrosion and fouling. Biocorrosion and fouling can lead to plant damages, loss of quality and performance of products as well as increased consumption of raw materials and energy.