Product innovation and sustainability to “create its own tomorrow”


Galstaff Multiresine S.p.A. has always paid particular attention to the protection of health, safety and the environment and this continuous commitment through the accreditations and certifications obtained during the last five-year period with the achievement of the ISO 14001 certification and, last but not least, the process, still in place to establish the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Rating certification, in other words the 3 pillars of sustainability called by the European Union: the three factors for monitoring, measuring and supporting the commitment in terms of sustainability of a company or an organization.
During the two-year period 2023-2024, the process for the “Calculation of the carbon footprint” certification will also be undertaken with the achievement of the
ISO 14067 2018 Annex C Process Certification.
The company organization has been certified for many years thanks to the growth process achieved, therefore today its commitment continues in the name of “sustainability” and “environmental protection” by courageously anticipating the arise of every new need.
The resources committed to safety and the environment are particularly high and in continuous compliance with current and/or promulgated regulations.
Today in the three company sites in Agrate Brianza, Garbagnate Milanese and Mornago where the company’s HQ is located, more than 70,000 tons are industrialized, with margin for further increase, of the main polymer series addressed to more specialized and technologically advanced markets.
The company operates and ensures its presence on all continents in more than 80 countries enabling it to be a global player in all market segments, helping it and creating an international vision thanks to its internal growth. Alkyds, amines, saturated and unsaturated polyesters, isocyanates are just some of the most significant families with growing percentages of the production addressed for the most innovative and qualifying markets, just to name a few of the main ones: Automotive, cans and packaging coatings, coil coatings, decorative and industrial coatings, printing inks, wood and furniture coatings, composites, gelcoats, etc.
Furthermore, to satisfy and guarantee market demands, the Governance has given a strong and unequivocal signal by renewing its Management, which since the post-Covid era, has given life to a “new management phase” still in progress, which has involved all the corporate BUs supported by a new digitization model as a distinctive element of internal change.
To guarantee customers reliability and innovation in its products, the company makes use of a group of researchers and technicians who represent the 25% of the organization, thus placing itself among the companies in the sector most oriented towards technological development; this represents a guarantee for customers both for the products available and for the new products, which today are increasingly tangible indicators of the dynamism and strategies for using a “customer-oriented” approach.

The technical, production and service organization has been certified according to ISO 9001 management standards, which ensure high levels of total quality and has allowed to obtain the EcoVadis certification, thus pursuing continuous improvement, thanks also to investments already partially implemented for the three-year period 2023-2025, destined both for industrial automation and for process control aimed at supporting the industrial and commercial part.
Being recognized “as a company with a high technical content” is a reason for healthy pride; having taken charge of the multinational industrial inheritances that in the short past have written the most innovative history in the “polymer sector” was the result of the various acquisitions that took place over the years and confirms the industrial and manufacturing commitment with which the company distinguishes itself on the reference markets.
This will translates into its own supply chain, where the use of raw materials of bio based and from renewable sources already represents significant percentages estimated at around 4% of the purchase turnover, with the expectation of being able to double the quantities over the next three years with a growing trend as early as 2024, but above all it underlines the commitment and serious desire to constantly reduce the environmental impact, with the aim of reducing emissions and energy consumption in its processes.
It is undeniable that Galstaff Multiresine S.p.A’s scale of values ​​has relevant topics such as “customer protection, satisfaction and safety” at the top which, associated with “product innovation and sustainability”, outline the operating criteria with which the company establishes itself, but to do so and continue to implement them over the years to come, it will be necessary to continue the process of change and evolution that is still underway which will involve the entire organization.
This is what Galstaff Multiresine S.p.A. intends to continue to do, for “creating its own tomorrow”.


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