RESINS – Epoxy
– Towards sustainability: ddchem water-borne and biobased curing agents for epoxy applications – DDCHEM


POLYMERS – for bio-based coatings
– Bio-based energy curable oligomers – RAHN


ADDITIVES – for PTFE-free waxes for coatings
– Mechanical properties of PTFE-free waxes for coatings – LUBRIZOL


COATINGS – for packaging
– Limiting the challenges and consequences of transitioning to bisphenol-Free cans – AKZONOBEL PACKAGING


REGULATION – CLP classification
– Endocrine disruptors and chemicals toxic for reproduction: implications for the paint and varnish sector – CHEMLER


INSTRUMENTS – for laboratory
– Innovation, quality and specialised services in the instrument sector – NOSELAB ATS


PLANTS AND MACHINES – for recycling
– Turning waste into a resource: the reuse of industrial wastewater – VEOLIA


Bimonthly bilingual (italian and english) publication addressed to all technicians involved in the formulation of coatings, adhesives, sealants, printing inks, related products.


The magazine focuses on questions related to the use of raw materials such as additives, polymers and resins, solvents, dyes and pigments, extenders, plasticizers and other chemical products.


The magazine also covers manufactoring technologies, plants and machinery, laboratory testing, safety and environment, quality, certification as well as European regulations.


The magazine prints 6.500 copies each month and circulates worldwide.


Managing Director
Gian Battista Pècere 
Editorial Assistant
Emanuela Rozzoni 
Editorial Office
Tina Matera 
Editorial Office & Intern. Adv.
Antonio Grillo 
Advertising Italy
Liviana Belotti 
Art Director
Cesar Bohorquez 

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