SIOF’s revolutionary pigment innovation to reshape the industry landscape

Valentina Marino for SIOF

The age of artificial intelligence has entered the paint industry, bringing with it the first re-dispersible granular pigment that promises to revolutionize the approach to coloring. The result of a collaboration between SIOF’s centuries of experience and the innovation of a startup specializing in AI applied to chemical processes, SolidFlow was born, defying convention by offering a solution that combines practicality and eco-sustainability. Distinguished by its unique ability to disperse into liquids with low energy consumption, SolidFlow is a real game changer in the industry. Powered by renewable energy, the pigment’s manufacturing process ensures minimal environmental impact and sets new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability in the pigment industry.
To tell the story of SolidFlow, we need to start a little way back because knowing the history of SIOF helps us understand the origin of the product and the reasons why it came into the world, here in Italy and right now. SIOF is a historic Italian company that recently celebrated a century of history. The company was founded in 1923 by three brave entrepreneurs and has been dedicated to producing, processing, and marketing pigments ever since. The name evokes which pigments are the flagship of SIOF: Italian Iron Oxide Society. With two production sites in Italy, the company continues to be led by the three families that started it, and the fourth generation is just around the corner.